It was the late 1980's when i first started my journey and love of photography and cinematography. It was the school holidays and bored to tears I decided to take my parents advice and go for a walk in the countryside with my Dad's camera. I worked out that just enough pocket money to buy two rolls of 110 film, and enough left over to have the film processed at the local camera shop.

From that walk and day out with my Dad's camera my love for photography began. Over the years I have constantly honed my skills, keeping up with the modern times, and moving into full digital like many other photographers of today. I have worked hard behind the scenes practicing day and night to not only to improve my images but to master to some degree the ever changing computer software, in which most of us use to adjust our images to a pleasing level we are happy with.

 A Yorkshire lad at heart, but now I work all over the UK doing my work.

Over the years I have covered many areas of photography and even photographing and filming

some of the more famous people that walk among us. 

Commissioned work by the TG Group, to photograph Michelle Collins

Myself and Bill Oddie at his home in London,

when i had made contact asking if he

would help me to create a film about protecting wildlife ,

aimed to be shown at school children,

to encourage schools to build wildlife

gardens within the school grounds.

The day i interviewed Nick Owen

from the BBC, about his time and love for Shropshire.